Experiencing the work with children in the Emmi PIkler Institute, be it as an observer in a group of children, be it on photos or in films, what one sees appears so self evident, that one easily fails to recognize the profound knowledge making this experience possible that has accumulated and proven itself in well over half a century of successful practical work.

Our Pikler® Association of Europe was founded for the purpose of communicating this time tested approach to children and thus meet the growing international interest in the studies done in Budapest’s Pikler® Institute.

We are a group of professionals from Germany, the Netherlands, Austria, Hungary and Switzerland, working with small children in various capacities. For many decades we have been working together with and learning from the physicians, psychologists, pedagogues and nurses at the Pikler Institute.

It was Emmi Pikler who saw the human being in the infant with his or her ability to act of its own accord and with his or her pronounced social bearing - both characteristics of which the observer at the Pikler Institute can see for oneself. Whether the children are together with an adult, playing alone or with another child, the clarity they radiate, their self-assurance along with the variety and scope of their activities cannot help but impress us.

The fact that the compelling quality of the work with infants and small children in the Pikler Institute prevailed through generations of nurses - independent of some single gifted person - encouraged us to establish an educational program for professionals in our various fields of practice. Each of our member organizations offers training in their respective countries for nursery educators and teachers as well as for people in medicine and therapy. We all adhere to one and the same Pikler®curriculum.

Our utmost concern remains to pass on the essence of Emmi Pikler’s educational concept, her understanding of and attitude towards the infant and small child.


Titel: Guiding babies and toddlers at daycare
By: Hedie Meyling
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